//We LOVE Mother’s Day!

We LOVE Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day: Celebrating Mothers of All Kinds with Chocolate, Popcorn, & Candy

Mother’s Day always evokes that sweet tenderness that we all felt as little children being held by the warm, strong embrace of our Mothers. And Cole’s Gourmet Popcorn & Treats knows that the warmth and strength of Mothers is shared across many definitions. A woman doesn’t have to be a birth mom to show the love, support, and care of motherhood to the people in her life.

That’s why we want to celebrate all kinds of Mothers in the month of May! You could be a Grandmother lovingly caring for grandchildren in your life, a Nanny that works hard to be another role model in the lives of families, a Teacher who helps shape the educational foundation of kids, or any other vast array of ways that woman do “MOM” to kids of all shapes and sizes.

A warm, strong female role model is something to celebrate no matter what kind of biological children you have!

And it’s these female bonds that Cole’s Gourmet Popcorn & Treats cherishes and celebrate as we prepare for Mother’s Day treats to hit our store! We have a great selection of interesting treats that will make whatever form of motherhood you’re celebrating a special occasion.

We all know how much Moms of all kinds love chocolate, and we have a lot of specialty chocolates for Mother’s Day.

Special Mother’s Day Chocolates

Chocolate Baskets, Lollipops, & More

We have some really cute molded chocolate baskets for the Mothers in your lives. We have a variety of molds to choose from with candy tucked inside the chocolate baskets. We also have chocolate lollipops and other chocolate candies that are fun, playful—and made with that same kindness and love that Mom offer all of us!

Mother’s Day Gift Baskets

Cole’s Gourmet Popcorn & Treats has a selection of premade Mother’s Day Gift Baskets that will come prepackaged in a loving, caring way. These baskets are full of goodies like our very own gourmet popcorn, nostalgic candy, and other mementos. You can also always come make your own gift basket and fill it with your choice of treats from the candy store.

Nostalgic Candy & Sodas
Why not remind your grandmothers, mothers, and other role models about the joy and love they experienced growing up with some throwback candy, sodas, and other treats that will make them smile with recollection? We have popular sodas and candies that are sure to bring up fond memories and warm smiles.

Not matter what, we’re sure that you’ll find a way to say “I LOVE YOU” loud and clear for Mother’s day during the month of May, so stop in today and see what Cole’s Gourmet Popcorn & Treats can put together for your loved ones.

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