Things To Do Around Colorado Springs

Wondering what are some fun things to do around Colorado Springs?  Well there’s no shortage!  And it’s no surprise that Colorado Springs consistently makes it into the top lists of cities to live in, taking #5 for Business Insider for 2016, and also #5 for US News and World Reports, and “Best in the Mountains” for 2016 by Wow! Don’t let the secret out any more, ok?

Being just an hour away from Denver, and with Ski and Resort towns just a couple hours away, we seem to be the perfect spot to live in the mountains. With all it has to offer, we should be able to keep pulling top positions in the “Top Places” list.

But outside of the typical attractions like Pikes Peak, or the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, there are smaller spots around town that are great to visit and have fun.

Cole’s Gourmet Popcorn

And on that note… Cole’s Popcorn! While it’s not quite as large as Pikes Peak (yet), and we don’t have as many animals as the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo(usually), we’re definitely a great place to visit. 😉

Things to do Around Colorado Springs

Great For a Date in Colorado Springs

Exactly how many times can you go to the movies? And for a date, don’t you want to be just a bit more original? With that said, come see our amazing selection of popcorn, candy, soda, fudge and more!

Maybe you come in after spending time next door at Chipotle. Or possibly you pick up candy and popcorn to go hangout at home and watch a movie curled up by the fire, since it is getting chilly now. But even better, is walk through our aisles and pick out a few things together. Whether on a first day, or with your love of your life, you can get to know new things about them. Find out what their favorite candy bar was when they were growing up. Remember that first time that you ever had that ___________ (candy bar or soda)? Isn’t it crazy how food can be tied to our memories? You could spend hours here, but don’t you really want to get home and enjoy our mouth watering treats?

Either way, come visit us! We’d love to get to see you, and of course you won’t be disappointed by the great selection in our store! And as always… Have A Fun Day!!