Simpler times. People talk about it, but what does it really mean?

There’s an inexplicable euphoria that encompasses our psyche when anyone mentions the good old days. We all love traveling down memory lane, excavating the long-forgotten gems sprinkled throughout yesteryear. It’s amazing how a smell or even a familiar taste can catapult us down a road of recollection. The world has always been crazy and some believe simpler times are lost forever, but a true sense of nostalgia can still be found today in some of the most unsuspecting places.

Centuries of Candy

Before social media and even the internet, there was candy. Before TV and cell phones, there was candy. We should remember that people have been satisfying their sweet tooth since 1500 BC in Ancient Egypt! So, when you think about simpler times, there has always been candy.

Most nostalgic candy producers have either closed or sold out to newer markets, so finding specialty candy that you grew up on can be tough. A lot of people assume that retro candies would cost an arm and a leg, but they are surprisingly inexpensive. You can’t put a price on nostalgia, but when you come into Cole’s, you’ll be surprised to see how affordable your favorite old-fashioned candies are.

Popcorn to Past Time

People have always loved sweet treats, but there’s more to reminiscing than counting cavities. When people look back, popcorn has been there through some of the greatest past times. Baseball games, movie screenings, holiday parties… Popcorn is the most classic snack of all time!

Popcorn is believed to be a little older then the earliest candy, with the oldest kernel dating back to around 5,600 years ago. Whether you like your golden puff balls sweet or savory, there has been hundreds, even thousands of creative flavors tried for gourmet popcorn. Do you hate the kernels getting stuck in your teeth? Popcorn is just as much fun to decorate with as it is to eat! From weddings to birthday parties, colored popcorn makes any event feel festive.

If you need something to remind you of a simpler time, look no further. We have decades of candy and dozens of gourmet popcorn flavors that will make you feel like you’re in a time machine. Indulge on something classic to feel a sense of magic!