Holiday Gift Baskets at Cole’s Gourmet Popcorn & Treats

Searching for that special Christmas gift that will communicate your love or appreciation to a family member or friend? Cole’s Gourmet Popcorn & Treats has a great lineup of holiday gift baskets that could be the perfect way to treat your family and friends this holiday season!

So why try our holiday baskets? We’ll give you a few reasons here.

Affordable Holiday Gift Baskets Catered to Your Loved One

Our holiday gift baskets are affordable. If you want, you can come into the store and pick out a variety of sizes of baskets that can fit your needs and budget. They can be small or big, and you can pick the colors and treats associated with the basket so that it perfectly matches their personality and tastes.

Our Holiday Gift Baskets Can Come Pre-Made

However, if picking out every single item isn’t your thing, we have holiday gift baskets that are made in-store that you can come walk in and purchase. You simply walk in, buy a holiday basket, and ship or give it to the person you love. It’s an effortless process, but still shows so much warmth and care.

Online Store & Shipment Purchasing Options
You can also purchase a gift basket online and directly ship it to someone you care about without ever leaving the house. For an example, check out our online gift basket section here at the online store.

Holiday Gift Baskets with a Variety of Popcorn & Candy

Our holiday gift baskets come with a variety of flavors of mouth-watering gourmet popcorn and candy favorites. For an example, check out our online Holiday Gift Basket here. You get special seasonal popcorn mixes like the Christmas Mix Popcorn and Ice Climb, along with favorites like the Denver Mix Popcorn and Cinnamon Toast Kettle Popcorn. We also add some yummy chocolate peanut butter cups. Our Let It Snow gift basket has similar tasty treats.

A Unique Christmas Gift with Love & Thought

Our popcorn and treats stand out from other generic brands and gift baskets, because our popcorn and candy are made with a personal touch. While a popcorn tin is a fun gift, sometimes it just isn’t quite personal enough. With our holiday baskets, your can ensure that someone will feel loved and special because thought and effort goes into the making of each gift basket—whether you pick everything out or buy a pre-made basket.

We assure you that no one else will have a gift quite like one from Cole’s Gourmet Popcorn & Treats! So come in or shop around online and see what kind of special gift you can give the people you love this Christmas season.