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The Greatest Gift Basket In Colorado Springs

A Parable of Popcorn: The Greatest Gift Basket in Colorado Springs

Once upon a time, a woman visited Cole’s Gourmet Popcorn and spoke to our cheerful staff about making gift baskets for her Colorado Springs friends and clients.

Christmas Basket

Order as Many or as Few Gift Baskets as You Need

“I need 50 or maybe 60 tins,” she said, looking tired and discouraged. “Can you do that?”

“Why, yes!”, responded the Gift Basket Fairy Godmother (whose given name is Chanel), smiling.


Add Your Logo or a Special Item

“But I need my business logo on every tin and I haven’t even had the labels printed yet. It’ll never get done,” she moaned.

“We can add your logo right here.”

“What?”, exclaimed the woman, glancing up in surprise. She began to smile, but then deflated again. “Oh, but I need to pick them all up at ten o’clock in the morning on the day before Christmas. That will be such a busy day. It’s impossible.”


Pick Up as Late as December 24

She sighed and sank into a chair.

“We know it seems magical,” Chanel said soothingly, “but we will be open on December 24th and all of your gifts will be ready. And we’ll greet you with a smile too, just as we always do.”


Let Us Complete Your Holiday Shopping

The woman looked at Chanel, beseechingly.

“Tell me what to do to make this magic happen.”

“You just sit right here and I’ll bring you some samples of our holiday flavors. Taste the pumpkin pie, egg nog and caramel apple pie popcorn. Then sample a fiesta of handmade fudge and a review a carnival of candy,” said Chanel. “Trust me, it will be fun.”

“All I have to do is eat treats to make this happen?”, the visitor said, bemused. “I can walk out of here with all my holiday shopping complete?”


A Happy Ending

“Yes! Just make your choices and click these paletas together three times to start the magic. We’ll mix the popcorn potions and produce your gift baskets right here. They’ll be ready for you to pick up on time and with a smile.”

And that is exactly what happened. The customer and all her friends, family and clients lived happily ever after … and came back the next year.


Is it a Fairy Tale?

Except for clicking the paletas together, this story happens in real life every holiday season. Stop in or call us at 719-434-1461 to place your order and start the holiday magic!

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