Frosty Paletas Ice Pops for the Summertime

Summertime. It’s almost here, and it’s going to be another amazing one in here in Colorado Springs! When we at Cole’s Gourmet Popcorn & Treats think of summer, we think of warm sunshine, mountain hikes, and cool treats that help us chill out and slow down during these warm summer months. And while we have a wonderful selection of treats in our store, one of our really special items that do very well in the summertime are our cold, scrumptious paletas.

What are Paletas?

Originally from Mexico, paletas are creamy, fruity ice popsicles. “Paleta” actually means “small stick” in Spanish! They are usually full of chunks of fruit and available in a vast array of fun, colorful colors and flavors.

Cole’s Gourmet Popcorn & Treats offers our own unique take on paletas. We have a selection of flavors that are made in our store with organic, fresh ingredients so that you’ll be confident you’re really getting a full, rich flavor.

Paleta Popsicle Flavors at Cole’s Gourmet Popcorn & Treats

Orange Dreamsicle Paletas
Full of citrusy goodness, our Orange Dreamsicle is the perfect blend of mangos, oranges, and other ingredients to make a tangy, cold ice pop that will satisfy you or your kids’ sweet tooths!

Rootbeer Float Paletaa
Who doesn’t love a good Root Beer Float? We’ve combined all the rich, fizzy flavors of Root Beer and vanilla ice cream into a Popsicle that will have you dreaming of all those nostalgic summer days of the past.

Strawberry Paletas
Strawberry is really a staple flavor, because we’re not sure who would turn down chunks of fresh strawberries swirled into our sugary cold concoction.

Blueberry Lemonade Paletas
With the subtle sweetness of blueberries and the burst-in-your-mouth flavor of lemonade, this paleta is the perfect combination of fruit and sweet drinks – all frozen in time for you to enjoy together.

Coconut Cream Paletas
If you’re dreaming of a beach, then our Coconut Cream paleta will have you feeling like you’re sitting on one right now! With our rich, full coconut flavor and creamy goodness, you’ll be sure to enjoy this treat wherever you’re at (probably not on a beach!).

Pastacio Paletas
Pastacio is a buttery, smooth, nutty flavor that is very unique, and paired with the sweetness of our popsicle blend, this just be your new favorite.

Horchata Paletas
Horchata is a smooth, creamy milk beverage with a cinnamon taste, and blended into a cold paleta, it’s the prefect combination of a sweet and rich flavor that will have you dreaming of your favorite Mexican restaurant or place.

Chances are, we’ll have other flavors surfacing throughout the summer—so stop by our store today to try out these delicious summertime treats! We can’t wait to see you.