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Festive Flavors for your Gourmet Popcorn Gifts

Cornfetti - Mix of Flavors

“It’s a party in a bag, waiting to happen!”

That’s what one of our customers says about our holiday flavors. We strive to bring more fun into the world, and if that means providing parties in a bag for you to deliver to your friends, family and clients, then so be it!

A gift basket with our holiday flavors makes a room look festive and it will smell festive too. Our tins and boxes come in a variety of colors with your choice of additional items, ribbons and bows.

And once the gift is opened…? Well, read on and imagine the reactions.


Pumpkin Pie Popcorn

Remember the story of Violet and the special chewing gum in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory? The gum tasted like a holiday meal, one course after another, as it was chewed. She was ecstatic … at least until she turned into a giant blueberry.

Our pumpkin pie popcorn is better. It smells and tastes like dessert, but you won’t turn into a pumpkin no matter how much you eat.


Egg Nog Popcorn

Have you ever tasted egg nog? It’s a dense, creamy drink made with raw eggs and liquor. If you don’t want the calories (or the possible salmonella risk), open up a bag of our egg nog popcorn. Your clients will be delighted when the room starts to smell like cream and nutmeg, and even more thrilled when they realize they aren’t violating the company’s alcohol policy by eating it on the job.


 Caramel Apple Pie Popcorn


We have Green Apple flavor popcorn during the year and we have Caramel popcorn too, but between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, we mix them up in just the right ratio to create this pie in a bag. The sweet-tart scent (and taste) will wake up your clients and get them moving in the right direction.


Pumpkin Spice Kettle Corn

What is Kettle Corn? It’s old fashioned gourmet popcorn made in a kettle with sugar and salt to make a light coating on the corn. It was especially popular during the 19th century, and we’ve brought it back for the holidays.

We’ve added some pumpkin spice to the traditional recipe. The sweet-salty-spicy scent that wafts from the bag makes it hard to put down.


Cinnamon Apple Popcorn

Customers like our cinnamon popcorn all year, but we wanted to add something special for Christmas. This candy apple popcorn has a holiday drizzle of chocolate over it. A sweet cinnamon smell rises out of the bag when you open it and makes the room feel brighter. It will make your friends smile.


Christmas Mix Popcorn


Not only will people enjoy eating our Christmas Mix, it’s so pretty they might want to use it as a decoration. It’s a vanilla popcorn with red, white and green chocolate drizzle. Vanilla smells make a home feel cozy, so hang some on the tree now and grab a bite whenever you walk by!

After all, there is no point in letting something so delicious get stale.

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