//Father’s Day the Sweet Tooth Way

Father’s Day the Sweet Tooth Way

Father’s Day the Sweet Tooth Way

Fathers are such a valuable pillar of strength and support in the fabric of our community here in Colorado Springs. Without those strong male role models—whether they are biological or not—where would we be? I’m sure every one of you can think of a male who has played a truly vital role in your own growth, be it your actual Dad or a Father Figure that really helped you out through a tough time.

So at Cole’s Gourmet Popcorn & Treats, we just want to take the time to acknowledge this special type of relationship: the Fathers or Father Figures that have played an immensely significant part in our lives. We here at our store have them, and we know you do, too.

And who says that Fathers don’t enjoy sweet things like candy and chocolate just like Mothers? It’s a myth that Cole’s Gourmet Popcorn wants to thoroughly reject this month as we celebrate Father’s Day in the only way we think appropriate: the sweet tooth way!

Your Fathers, Grandfathers, Husbands, Relatives, or other male loved ones have a sweet tooth—so why not tickle his sweet tooth fancy through the amazing richness of candies, chocolates, sodas, and sweets from Cole’s Gourmet Popcorn? You just might make his day through offering something unique and different.

Father’s Day Chocolates & Treats

We have a variety of special Father’s Day chocolates that are both funny and tongue-in-cheek, including things like chocolate tool sets, chocolate ties, and chocolate fishing gear tackle boxes. Make your loved one laugh and smile as you play with those traditional Father’s Day gift ideas with a little twist!

Father’s Day Gift Baskets
As always, we offer a selection of gift baskets for every occasion, including Father’s Day! If you have a particular treat you know your Father or Father Figure loves, you can load him up with a gift basket from fatherhood heaven. Whether he loves chocolate, Pez candy, nostalgic sodas, etc.—we probably have something that we will enjoy that you can offer inside a gift basket.

Father’s Day Gourmet Popcorn

Mmmm. What Father doesn’t love curling up with a good movie, arm over a loved one, and enjoying delicious popcorn? Make it a unique night with something from our 60 gourmet popcorn flavors that will offer something both familiar and yet special for Father’s Day or that cozy night in.

So no matter what you end of doing for Father’s Day, why not offer a little treat for him to snack on and feel appreciated? After all, Fathers have sweet tooths, too!

As always, don’t hesitate to stop on by the store and see what we have to offer. You can contact us with any questions or even order online.


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