Colorado Springs Popcorn Store

If you’re looking for a unique way to celebrate any special occasion, then our selection of fresh, gourmet popcorn is sure to please any crowd. Let’s be clear: Cole’s Colorado Springs Popcorn Store Gourmet Popcorn & Treats makes every single batch of our popcorn in our store. This isn’t popcorn that’s been sitting in dank warehouses or on big chain shelves for months and months—which causes a lack of taste or even health concern issues like mold. Oh no! Our popcorn is freshly popped every single week for mouth-watering flavor that you can truly taste.

Fresh Ingredients & Coating Process

Every single flavor we make is our own creation made in-store to our satisfaction, and we use fresh, organic ingredients whenever possible. We also never just sprinkle flavor lightly onto the popcorn—what would be the point of that? We’ve invested in state-of-the-art popcorn mixers that ensure every speck of the popcorn is coated in rich, luscious flavor that will melt in your mouth.

New Popcorn Flavors

We offer over 60 gourmet popcorn flavors that are always changing, with categories ranging from Cheese and Savory Popcorn flavors, Kettle Popcorn flavors, and Candied Popcorn flavors. Our popcorn is constantly being refined to our customer’s wishes, and we are regularly testing out our flavors and listening to your invaluable feedback. If there is a flavor you think could be cool, we are open to suggestions and trying out new things, and we are always in dialogue with our customers about what might be a new flavor or experience to try.

Popcorn Gift Bag & Popcorn TinsGourmet Popcorn Flavors Colorado Springs

While we offer several size options for simple plastic bags that you can take your popcorn home in, we also offer some more decorative, enduring options for packaging your popcorn. We have gift baskets that we pre-make for you to come in and pick up quickly—or if you want, you can make your own gift basket creation entirely filled with what you pick out for your special occasion. We also have several popcorn tin options if you’d like something sturdy and reliable and that be reused for years to come.

Our gourmet popcorn is definitely something that sets us apart from other gift shops or candy stores in the area. If you don’t believe us, then come in and sample our huge selection of popcorn today. We are so excited to let you experience all that we have to offer at Cole’s Gourmet Popcorn & Treats!