Celebrate Easter with Unique Gift Baskets, Chocolates, & Candy

Easter is coming up faster than you may think; it’s on April 1st this year, and that’s no April Fools joke. So as your children gear up for the Easter Bunny, Easter Egg hunts, church festivities, and everything else that comes with this special holiday—we have some amazing treats that we think will make your children, nieces and nephews, and grandchildren light up with delight.

Our unique gifts are perfect for helping create that excited anticipation that egg hunts and Easter dinners can bring. They may even make you smile and remember your own childhood Easter mornings.

Easter Gift Baskets Packaged with Love & Care

As we prepare for the Easter holiday, we know that Easter Baskets can be a real treat for children and the young at heart everywhere. We’ll have some special Easter baskets that come pre-made and wrapped so that you can simply pick them up and walk out of the store, or we will also offer the opportunity for you to select the basket and fill it with all of the goodies you think will best suit your loved ones’ needs.

Chocolate Easter Bunnies, Crosses, Lambs, and More

As tradition notes, you can’t go wrong with chocolate Easter Bunnies as a part of the day’s festivities—but why give the same old Easter Bunny from the big stores? We have a great selection of uniquely crafted Easter Bunnies to choose from. We are also offering a wide variety of molded Easter themed chocolates like Easter crosses, Easter eggs, and Easter lambs! Come in and look around, because these chocolates are so cute you may have a hard time eating them!

Easter Candy Galore

Of course, we will also have a number of Easter themed candies in stock with popular candy brands like Jelly Beans and PEZ candies—as well as our own specially made treats like fudge, truffles, candy bars, cotton candy, and other goodies. Whatever your sweet tooth’s choice of craving, we’ll have something perfect for you in our store.

Top It Off With Gourmet Popcorn

If sweets aren’t your thing, then don’t forget about our huge selection of gourmet popcorn! We have over 70 salty, cheesy, savory flavors of popcorn that could be an amazing addition to any family gathering. We offer an assortment of tin bins and plastic bags, so you can feed an entire household of relatives or just a few friends and family with the perfect amount of yummy popcorn in the container of your choice.

So no matter what your Easter celebrations will look like this year, making memories with your family and friends will always linger over a lifetime. Let’s create memories that last with unique gifts that will help your kids remember this April Fool’s Easter for years to come!