What is a Truffle?Colorado Springs Award Winning Truffles

A chocolate truffle is a gourmet treat consisting of a hard chocolate shell filled with a creamy ganache inside. Our truffles are extra special, because instead of a thick outer shell that is typical in many other truffles, the chocolate coating on the outside of our truffles is extremely thin. This results in a soft bite that is unique to our truffles, and allows even more of the flavor of the ganache inside to burst through. The best way to discover the truffle experience, however, is to come in and sample one for yourself!

Our Truffle Story

We are honored to be using a particularly special recipe to create our truffles. This recipe was originally developed by a German chocolatier woman, who passed it on to another couple. This couple then taught and mentored our own chocolatier in the truffle-making process so that we can bring you the delightful truffles we create today. Our chocolatier has since used this recipe as a springboard to experiment with her own recipes and flavors, creating our delicious and unique handcrafted truffles.

How many kinds of truffles do you have?

Our signature flavor of truffle is the “Have a Fun Day” truffle. With a characteristic smiley face on top, the “Have a Fun Day” truffle has smooth caramel and a pecan on the inside. It was created in honor of our owner, Tom Cole, and his love for chocolate turtles. We make over 30 different other flavors of truffles, ranging from a classic Milk Chocolate to more adventurous flavors like our Campfire s’mores truffle. We use three different kinds of chocolate in our truffles: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate. We also use extremely high quality, tempered chocolate, which gives our truffles such a bright, eye-catching shine.

Best of the Springs Winner!

Cole’s Gourmet Popcorn & Treats is so excited that our truffles have been named a winner of the Gazette Best of the Springs 2018!