Colorado’s Best Chocolates and Popcorn

Cole’s Chocolates and Popcorn wants to help you Have A Fun Day with Gourmet & BIG Flavors.  Come experience the excitement of over 70 flavors of popcorn, fudge, truffles, chocolates and candies.  Being family-owned, we value the customer experience, fresh productions and gourmet taste.  We can’t wait to welcome you to our two locations and let you taste the joy we love creating.

Love this nostalgic candy shop, the genuine staff, and of course their amazing gourmet popcorn! A must visit if you’re in the Colorado Springs area!

Taylor Rolfe

I absolutely love the store! The popcorn is delicious and they let you taste whatever you want to taste And the popcorn is just the beginning of all the deliciousness that you see in the store.

Marla Tong

Do not come in here unless you are prepared to return again and again and again. So good, and hey, corn is a whole grain

Mark Thomas

Loooooove this shop! The popcorn is fantastic and they have the largest selection of candies!

Stevi Hollister

Amazing popcorn and treats at this family-owned and operated business. They make great custom gift baskets. Outstanding customer service!

Brett Ogden

Cole’s Popcorn was a hit at my wedding last Friday! It was the perfect late night treat and the buckets they let us borrowed went perfect with the venue!

Holly Hobbs

This place is perfect. I love all the creative flavors. The staff has always been friendly and patient when I take forever to decide what I want. I am writing this review now because I just moved out of state and there are NO popcorn places close to me. I wanted to recognize this place for the awesome rarity that it is.

Sarah Cochran

OK this is the coolest little popcorn/candy shop ever!!

Stephanie B. from Facebook

This place only gets five star reviews for a reason. I love the candy and soda selection and the popcorn is addictive. The cinnamon candy coated popcorn is my new favorite, but the buttery rich cheese corn and the cinnamon toast kettle corn are amazing too.

Tristan Schwartz from Facebook